Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Honeymoon is Over

The good feelings about this scrappy Mets team are starting to fade. Reality is setting in and these young bats look totally overmatched by the top two Yankee pitchers.

Errros have been rampant. Absolutely no rallies have been started. Meanwhile, the Mets starting pitching has had one bad inning in the last two games that ultimately decided the fate of the game.

Fortunate for us the rest of the NL East doesn't care for interleague play either. The Mets still find themselves within 1.5 games of first place, and even with a loss tonight coupled with a Phillies win at worst will be 2.5 games out.

The Mets need to show some backbone tonight and come out swinging. Too many first pitch strikes are being let through and quickly finds Mets batters in an 0-2 hole.

This is the first time the Mets have lost a season series to the Yankees since 2003. They need to at least save face and win the final game in their own ballpark on national TV. Wang is on the mound so there's no excuse not to put some runs on the board.

Once the Yanks are through is when the real test begin against the Brewers and Phils. Please, let's get one tonight.

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