Friday, June 5, 2009

Jose Reyes Probably Out Until All Star Break

Just hit me in the head with a billy club and wake me up when this is over.

The Mets, more than likely, have lost their All Star SS Jose Reyes until after the All Star break. According to Kevin Burkhardt (via Twitter) Reyes has a tear in his hamstring and "the Mets will reevaluate him in 2 days."

So let's see the Mets need a SS, a power bat, a 1B, possibly another starting pitcher, we may have lost our supposedly 8th inning guy, Pagan can't stop hurting himself, who knows where Church is, Sheffield is in line waiting for a ride on the DL and David Wright can't stop striking out.

This is so much fun.

Omar Minaya is scrambling, or at least he should be. At this point, the Mets need something to help them keep their heads above water until these injuries die down. While the Mets can survive without Reyes, the question will be if they can succeed in the long run with such a gaping hole in the top of the lineup.

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