Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bruney Rips K-Rod, K-Rod Doesn't Know Who Bruney Is

In what are some of the more laughable comments you will hear, Brian Bruney, a middle reliever for the Yankees said that last night's loss could not have happened to a "better guy." Sounds like he might have been piling on Castillo, right? I mean, he was the guy who dropped a pop up. But no, Bruney was actually talking about K-Rod, when he said "his act is getting tired," apparently referring to K-Rod's controversial celebrations after he saves a game.

First of all, who is Brian Bruney anyway? "I don't even know who the guy is," said Rodriguez when asked about the comments. "He should just say it to my face, and not through the media if he feels that way." Bamn, right back at ya!

What's even more hysterical is that the only thing that happened to K-Rod last night was that his blown save was a mere statistic, a technicality to complete the box score. Other than that, K-Rod was well on his way toward his 17th save in 17 chances. So what was Bruney even talking about "couldn't have happened to a better guy"? Hello?

Bruney's misplaced comments are all the more perplexing when you consider the fact that his own teammate, Joba Chamberlain, is one of the more demonstrative pitchers in the sport. Chamberlain is consistently criticized by his peers for showing the other team up. When Aubrey Huff hit a moon shot off him last month, he actually imitated Chamberlain as he ran around the bases. Huff said he never got so many calls, text messages before from players around the league who loved it, and thought it was hilarious.

This story will be all over the papers tomorrow and talk radio. I hope a reporter has the guts to ask Bruney what he thinks of Chamberlain's "act", because I would love to hear that response.

By the way, is it me or does Bruney look a little amped up in that photo?

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