Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Miserable Mets Mailbag

It's Monday. We know you're miserable so it's time to take your miserable Mets questions about last night's game or any game from this past week. So have at it:

Why is Fernando Tatis playing every day? 
HatingRivera; Brooklyn, NY
Excellent question that has a simple answer: He's right handed. By simple birthright, Fernando Tatis finds himself in the lineup on a regular basis. There's no other reason for him to be in there. He's on the all-world team for hitting into double plays. He's batting below .200 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. He's not that good of an outfielder, but he's the only right handed bat the Mets have left that can play multiple positions.

I'm not saying that's a good reason for Tatis to be playing. I think he should take a long walk off a short pier, but that is the world we live in.

Why did Jerry Manuel leave Fernando Martinez in the game last night to face Brian Bruney with 2 runners on base?
Easypopup; Mahawah, NJ
Again simple answer: The Mets enjoy destroying the hopes and dreams of young players. Don't give me the lefty vs. righty scenario because Jeremy Reed was sitting on the bench at the time and would have been one of a couple options for Manuel in this spot. Sure FMart doubled and drove in a run earlier, but it was in a much less tense situation and against a very different pitcher. Bruney throws high and hard, and FMart just can't catch up to those pitches.

I was sitting there waiting for Nick Evans to pinch hit, but I'm sitting here still waiting for that to happen. So FMart strikes out on 3 pitches and then they bring in Rivera for the 4 out save. The Mets would have been better off having FMart bunt for a base hit than letting him swing away.

What's the matter with KRod?
Luv2WalkPitchers; Hartford, CT
KRod is suffering from a syndrome called hatingus losers, which is where you are infected by the inability to win that is running rampant through the veins of the people surrounding you. KRod gets no excuse for walking Mariano Rivera. That's all on him. No excuse there whatsoever.

But you got to wonder what's going through this guy's head when the players behind him can't catch a pop up every time he's on the mound. KRod needs some real save situations to get him back on track.

Is there any hope for David Wright?
Ohfor30; Parsippany, NJ
Yes, there's hope. You see David Wright has been so awful of late that we're bound to have an 18 for 25 hit streak waiting for us this week, which he'll probably use against the Brewers and Pirates so he can start a 0 for 85 streak against the Phillies this weekend.

Which injured player do the Mets miss the most?
FlorenceNightengale; Westchester, NY
Honestly, I think it's Carlos Beltran. The Mets miss his doubles desperately. David Wright misses having him looming in the on deck circle behind him. He's arguably the best (and smartest) base runner on the team. But most of all they miss his glove.

In my opinion, he's the best fielding center fielder in the game today. There's a certain sense of security when Beltran is roaming the outfield that some extra base hits just won't fall in. He was batting well over .300 and added a presence in the lineup that the Mets now desperately miss.

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