Monday, October 10, 2011

Fact: David Wright is the Best 3rd Baseman in the NL

Here we go again with the trade David Wright talk. Oooh, the Rockies want him. Unless the words "Troy" and "Tulowitzki" are part of the conversation, I could care less. Stop the hysterics people. David Wright might just be the most undervalued player in the National League by his own fan base. No he is not Derek Jeter. He isn't Mike Piazza either. But he is the best 3rd baseman in the National League over the course of the last 5 seasons.

Take a look at this chart from which looks at 3rd basemen in the National League from 2007-2011.

Yes David Wright is ranked #1. No NL 3rd basemen has played more games, has a higher WAR or scored more runs than Mr. Wright. I'll also admit that he strikes out more than pretty much every other 3rd basemen, but his stats as a whole put him above Zimmerman, Chipper & Aramis Ramirez.

You might argue that the crop of NL 3rd basemen isn't very good. You might be right but all the more why are we trading the best option available? Do you honestly believe Daniel Murphy is a better option? Have you seen him play the infield?

These stats of Wright's include his head beaning season and his recent stint on the DL this past year. It includes him being protected by the likes of Delgado & Beltran, while also being an island unto himself the past three years.

If the Mets are going to get a stud starting pitcher like Clayton Kershaw, fine. Trade Wright. But if we're looking at a handful of maybe's, what if's and could be's, I say no thank you.

Can Wright be better than he has been the last few years? Absolutely. Does that mean he's not the best 3rd baseman available? No way.

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