Thursday, December 30, 2010

Link: Most Memorable Mets Moment from 2010

...7 Train to Shea has put together a short list of memorable moments from the 2010 Mets season. Of course the list is short...'s actually a pretty good list with a moments that i had forgotten already like Luis Hernandez's "Kirk Gibson" HR.

...from the list they put together, i guess i'd have to go with the Marathon 20 inning game against the Cardinals. i actually watched that entire game from start to finish. painful, but memorable.

...cast your vote and view the list at the link below:
Most Memorable Mets Moment from 2010? |


Joe said...

The 20 inning game is it for me. I was born in Queens, but now live in St. Louis and I was there from 1pm for BP till 10:30pm when it ended.

Unknown said...

wow. color me impressed. so what was the damage done at the concession stand for a 9 hour game. gotta be over $100?

Joe said...

Only took $40 to the game for me and my wife. They closed everything around the 10th. The cards had the bases loaded 3 times, it should have been over. By the 15th we moved down to a section of Mets fans. Great time.

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