Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mets Won't Make a Move

The Mets are pretty predictable when it comes to the trading deadline. Every year there's a ton of hype early on and the Mets are named as players in the market for top notch talent, but by the time July 31st roles around the Mets usually find themselves outside looking in.

2010 is no different. The Mets have gone from buyers for Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt to Ted Lilly and Brett Myers to now a number of middle of the road relievers. I guess a 2-9 road trip can change your perspective on things.

The Mets need to find some direction and purpose to the roster moves they make instead of reacting to the current situation. Since the Mets starting pitching has been doing well of late, although the bats have struggled, so Mets management feels that maybe they don't need another starting pitcher. That's a myopic view of things.

I applaud their caution in not wanting to trade Niese or Ike or even Mejia at the first offer that comes along. That's a huge step in the right direction from previous years. However, the Mets need to look at what will help long term. For the last two seasons, the Mets starting pitching has needed another top of the line arm. Halladay, Lee, or Oswalt are the type of talent that can make a huge impact on this team. But because of one or two weeks of solid performance the Mets think they don't need that extra help?

Yes Dickey is a great story and I believe Jon Niese will be a guy that can be a #3 starter over the long term, but you've got a clearly inconsistent Pelfrey, a reliever turned starter in Takahashi, and a total crapshoot in Perez/Maine.

The Mets NEED another arm. Santana has been awesome, but he needs help. Pelfrey started out great, but we can see he's not ready to carry the load yet. I'm not positive theirs a deal to be made that the Mets should take advantage of, but if they do make a move it clearly needs to be done with the long term in mind.

Don't let two weeks of decent pitching fool you. This starting rotation needs some insurance.

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