Monday, March 22, 2010

David Wright: We're Coming Back

In one of the more open and subtly angst filled interviews that David Wright has ever done, the Mets third baseman talks with Mike Lupica about the frustrations of the past season and his general distaste for ever having to experience that again.

Wright is quoted as saying that he "doesn't ever want to go through that again...We're coming back." I'm pleased to the leader of the Mets take a position like this. Coming from Wright, I don't think it's puffery or just a line you feed the press. I honestly believes he feels this way.

The tough part is Wright's not the problem. He has to rely on on the other players to hold up their end of things in order for the Mets to be successful. I'm confident Wright will be back to true form. It's everyone not named Santana that takes the mound that I'm concerned about.

It's good for the Mets, and their fans, to hear statements like this from our prize player. I just hope his words can impact some other arms and bats in the Mets clubhouse.

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