Monday, May 11, 2009

Tonight is a Test for the Mets

7 game winning streak. Offense is clicking. Pitchers are going more than 5 innings. The bullpen is holding. Wright is back on track. Beltran is still on fire. Reyes is starting to produce. Our backup catcher is Mr. Clutch. And the Mets find themselves in first place.

So you would think as a Mets Lifer I'd be able to enjoy the moment? Nope.

Tonight's game is a test for the Mets. Santana is on the mound so you think you'd be able to "lock it up" as Craig Carton would say. But the issue is the Mets have been scoring tons of runs and are primed and ready to hit a cold streak.

Since they already seem to have a propensity for not scoring runs for Santana, I think we're looking at a 1 or 2 run effort tonight.

The second reason is it's the Braves and Derek Lowe. Here is the pitcher the Mets should have gotten facing them on their home turf against their ace. It's an NL East battle that always seems to be a struggle.

I fully expect Santana to go 7 innings, strike out 8, and possibly give up 1 or 2 runs. That should be enough to win a game, but I've said it before: the Mets run out of runs.

The effort against the Pirates was great, but it was the Pirates. Can they duplicate it against the Braves? Let the test begin and we'll see how good this team really is.

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