Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Mets Lifer Christmas Wish List

K-Rod, Putz, and a very distant Aaron Heilman. Christmas appears to have arrived early this year for Mets Lifers. But like any good human being, we're never satisfied with what we have. Here's a Christmas Wish List from Mets Lifer:
  1. Sony Blu-Ray DVD player - The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. Sick.
  2. Rafael Furcal - I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with Rafael Furcal at 2B. Do you really think he wants to play for the A's? Doesn't he know that guarantees that he'll be traded at the deadline in one of the next 2 seasons. A Reyes/Furcal tandem up the middle would be unreal. It might just be a dream, but hey, it's the holidays.
  3. Derek Lowe - The Yanks want him. The Sox might want him. The Phillies want him. We can't let the Phillies get him. If he's reasonably priced, the Mets should make a pitch for him. He eats up innings, usually is healthy, and has big game experience. If he's not available an affordable Jason Marquis will suffice.
  4. Flip Video HD Camera - Have you seen this thing? It's the size of a soda can, records HD video and is under $200. 
  5. A Traded Scott Blowenweiss - Addition by subtraction. Last year it was Guillermo Mota. This year it's Blowenweiss. Maybe Willie wants him in Milwaukee?
  6. An Omar Minaya Surprise - I'm not talking a Matt Wise type of surprise. I'm talking a John Maine surprise or Carlos Beltran surprise. Minaya has a knack for picking up players nobody wanted or nobody thought Minaya could get. Those types of deals have gotten the Mets Beltran, Maine & Oliver Perez. I have a feeling another one of those moves is in the works. Who doesn't love a little suprise for Christmas?

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