Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things Mets Lifers Can Be Thankful For

It's that time of year when we reflect back on all that life has thrown at us, ignore the bad stuff, and focus on what we can be thankful for.

As a Mets Lifer, it's tough to be thankful for a team that pulled a stunt like the Mets did not once, but two years in a row. But still, here's a list of things Mets Lifers can be thankful for:

  1. David Wright & Jose Reyes - The future is still bright
  2. Daniel Murphy - The future is brighter yet...
  3. Tom Glavine is not on the Mets
  4. Willie Randolph is on the Brewers - Can you say more Guillermo Mota please?
  5. A brand new ballpark - Who cares what they name it? It's still going to look really nice.
  6. Last time the Mets collapsed the Giants won the Super Bowl! Deja vu?
  7. Moises Alou is guaranteed to not be on the disabled list this year
  8. Johan Santana - The ace you've always wanted
  9. At least we're not Cubs fans - I never believed in curses until this season
  10. The Mets have a shot at signing LeBron James in 2010 - Who needs Brooklyn? Queens, baby!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

bryan said...

i am thankful for any night that blowenweis is not on the mound choking up losses.