Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Mets Got Talent

Do the names Oliver Perez, Mike Jacobs, Luis Castillo and Gary Matthews Jr. mean anything to you? Me neither, but these were guys on the opening day roster for the 2010 Mets and are now exiled to oblivion.
They have been replaced with guys like Ike Davis, Angel Pagan, Ruben Tejada and RA Dickey. The talk of the Mets having no young prospects has died down and appears to have been a false statement made my so called baseball experts to downplay the Mets ability to grow talent.

It appears the Mets do have talent. Youthful talent. Big league talent. RA Dickey isn't exactly young talent, but he's a guy that others gave up on. The Mets didn't and are reaping the benefit.

The crazy thing of this youthful talent surgence is that it doesn't involve guys like Fernando Martinez or Eddie Kunz who we've heard so much about for so long. These youngsters may still prove to be big league worthy, but they're still a ways off.

The one question that this raises in my mind is those evaluating talent in the organization. The hype of Lastings Milledge who has become a bust and Fernando Martinez who seems to be falling from grace appears to be for not while unknowns like Ike Davis are the ones making a difference. It could just be the game of baseball as it's harder to determine what players will be stars compared to the NFL and NBA.

Even so I hope this youth movement teaches the Mets organization a lesson...that it's okay to let the kids play. Instead of signing career backups like they have in the past (a.k.a. Jeremy Reed, Miguel Cairo, etc.) the Mets should feel confident that they can give their young players a chance to shine.

So far it's worked out quite nicely in 2010.

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