Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are the Mets the Unluckiest Team in Baseball?

I offer as proof:

Sign the best closer in baseball who just set the record for most saves in a season only to have him lose velocity, control and effectiveness in the next two seasons.

Build a top notch ballpark only to have trouble filling the seats because of the pitiful decline of the team.

An unbelievable season of injuries is follow by a season of secret surgeries, pitching head cases, borrowed players from Mexico and sporadic injuries throughout the lineup.

David Wright recovers from his power drought in '09 only to have Jason Bay fall into home run poverty in '10.

Johan Santana has more games where he left the mound leading only to lose than he has total wins with the Mets.

Mets try to make room for Daniel Murphy on the team by moving him to second base only to have him blow his knee trying to play second base.

The 8th inning man the Mets signed is nowhere to be seen and so there's a revolving door of arms throwing the 8th inning this season.

The best starting pitching prospect is in the bullpen and currently can't leave because of a lack of bullpen talent.

Some of the most expensive salaries on the Mets roster have yet to perform at a minor league level this season (Beltran/Perez).

Mets make a miracle run from worst to first in a week only to plummet back to worst in another seven days.

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