Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Love Interleague Play

If the Mets can play the Indians and Orioles every year, I will be a big proponent of interleague play. It's when the Mets get stuck playing the Rays, the Angels and the Twins that it's not so fun.

The host cities of Cleveland and Baltimore have been more than accommodating to the Mets over the last week that I've actually started to consider the DH as being a viable option. Ok, I won't go that far.

Of course this trip to the bottom dwellers of the American League will end tonight and the Mets will return back to NYC to play the Yanks. But what this road trip has done is instill some confidence in this Mets lineup, remove the "can't win on the road" monkey from their backs and allowed them to make a run up the standings in the NL East.

Can the Mets return to New York as the lone New York team in first place? It's possible, but even if that isn't the case the Mets will return home to a rejuvenated fan base who's excited about winning baseball being back in Queens.

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