Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Boostrap Mets

Sunday's game should have been a loss. In fact last year I would have guaranteed a loss when the Mets found themselves down 5-0 after Takahashi gave up his second homer of the game to Cody Ross. But what a difference a year makes.

This team has a "pull 'em up by the bootstrap" mentality. They fight. They claw. They don't give up. Sure Freddy Gonzalez's questionable moves, namely the short leash he gave Ricky Nolasco, helped open the doors for a Mets rally but the guys still had to put the ball in play.

Everyone in the lineup contributed to this comeback, save for Reyes. Franceour had the clutch home run of the year tying the game at 6, but Wright, Ike, Barajas, Cora, Bay and Pagan all had a hand in this W. The 8th inning was a microcosm of what a difference the 2010 season is from 2009. Pagan leads off with a single. Pagan runs on a 2-2 pitch to Bay which Bay slaps for a single allowing Pagan to move to third. Davis hits into a DP but Pagan scores.

Go ahead run. Game winning run.

Sure Pray Rod and his arsenal of theatrics made the 9th inning more than interesting, but in the end it's a W in the books and a revenge sweep of the Fish.

The best part is Pelfrey pitches the next game and for the first time in a long time I have confidence that a streak will continue.

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