Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chewbacca Fever

R.A. Dickey, who I still think looks like the human Chewbacca, is playing some unbelievable baseball right now. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop when Dickey takes the mound thinking, "well this has got to be the outing where he gets hammered." But it has yet to happen.

Dickey can't keep up this unbelievable performance all year...can he? His knuckleball has been just wicked at times and he mixes in his fastball nicely to keep hitters guessing. The amazing thing to me is how he improves his knuckleball over the course of the game.

In the first inning last night, it looked like Dickey didn't have command of his knuckleball, but as the game progressed it appeared that he made the adjustments he needed to get hitters out. He throws it high in the zone. He throws it in the dirt. And the results are all the same.

I was a Dickey Doubter when the Mets called him up, but he has transformed me into a Dickey Disciple. Of course the run support he gets certainly helps, but you can't question a guy who's undefeated with a 2.33 ERA.

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