Sunday, June 6, 2010

Link: Mets Plain Niese-ty

Head on over to Metszilla to check out a recap of Saturday's victory over the Marlins. This is the first I've seen someone use "Niese-ty" but it's kind of kitchy.

The Mets have 21 wins at home which is a major league leading best. But as Metszilla points out as soon as they leave home sweet home the wheels fall off the wagon.

The most impressive thing to me about yesterday's win was the way Niese pitched with ease. He kept his pitch count to 90 over 7 innings and was using his fastball and curveball effectively. For a first start after coming off the DL this was a fantastic performance and leaves Mets fans with hope that the rotation might not be as bad as we thought.

Ok, it probably is, but let's ride this high for a bit. Mets face off against the Marlins again at 1 pm on Sunday.

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vcmetsfan28 said...

Thanks for the link Dave...

It was nice to see Neise come off the DL and not struggle at all... He threw 90 effective pitches and had this been his 3rd or 4th start off the DL, he surely would have came out to start the 8th... A nice sign for sure..

Thanks again for the link, we appreciate it