Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Unluckiest of Games

The Mets had their opportunities. They had some serious bad luck to go with it.

The Mets lost the finale against the Brewers on Sunday afternoon thanks mostly to a series of unfortunate events. In the 7th and 8th innings the Mets had prime oppotunity to score, but a hit a run turned into a double play and a miraculous catch by the pitcher ended a bases load chance as well.

Nelson Figueroa pitched as well as can be expected. He actually did much better than I thought he would. If Pelfrey is out for any extended period of time, we might be seeing more of him, for better or worse.

David Wright's hitting streak ended today, and although he's hit safely in 11 straight games he has not looked good at the plate. He's striking out a whole lot more than he normally does and appears to be fooled by off speed pitches. In the last few games, he's had chances to drive in runs or start a big inning only to be caught looking at strike three.

The Mets should have won this game. Call them unlucky if you want, but the Brewers kept opening the door for a comeback and the Mets couldn't execute.

Off day tomorrow, then it's off to St. Louis.

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bryan said...

at the end of the day, this team, for the last 2+ seasons, cannot hit with men on base period. forget hitting in the clutch, late in the game with men in scoring position, they absolutely cannot get one stinking hit with men on in any part of the game. that's what happened last year, and even the year before.