Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Mets Team Can Score

No one can score from first base on a pass ball and an error that trickles merely 20 feet from home plate. No one, except for Jose Reyes.

In oneo of the most remarkable plays yet this season, Jose Reyes scored from first last night on a pass ball and a throwing error that didn't look long enough for one runner to advance an extra base let alone come around to score from first.

That play capped off an offensive night for the Mets that showed this team can score runs. There were more opportunities to score that the Mets failed to execute, but even with that they were able to muster 7 runs to support Oliver Perez in his first win of the season.

There was a lot of discussion this offseason about the need for an extra bat in right or left field, but I think we've seen in both spring training and early on that this team can get on base and score runs. The key is whether they feel like it on any given day as we do know the Mets have a propensity for not hitting with runners in scoring position in 2 outs. But the Mets are not without opportunities to score.

The first win at Citi Field is over and done with and I'm anxious to see if the John Maine we saw last week shows up again tonight because he looked really sharp against the Marlins even in the loss.

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