Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Once Again Everybody, Meet the Mess...

True story: When I was a kid, I had this friend who used to slide in to any base on concrete. Concrete! And this was wiffle ball.

Tonight, we witnessed direct proof that this team just does not give 100% all of the time. We've been hearing for 2+ seasons now about how this team is missing something, how they don't have fire...very lackluster play. In the 8th inning, Carlos Beltran decided to run home on a ball that bounced away on the infield...I swear he had it easily. Yet, inexplicably, he chose not to slide into home and he was tagged out by Molina as he blogged the plate. Seriously, all Beltran had to do was slide and he was safe. Period...End of discussion! Instead, he was out and it was just another example of this team's lack of hustle, lack of drive and determination to win the game.

Another case in point was Delgado's laziness with keeping his foot on th ebag which should have been a double play. Now he had his tippy toe on it and the ump missed, but still, he had the chance to quickly smack his foot back on the bag but he didn't.

From now on, I'm going to do my best to point out every lazy play I see.

Jerry Manuel needs to go off on this team tonight. No close door meeting tomorrow...just absolutely tee off on them in the clubhouse. He needs to be direct and tell them how much they suck, how soft they are and how lazy they look. They are a pathetic-looking baseball team and I am tired of it. It's not just 13 games in to the season. It's been the same boring, uninspired brand of baseball with the same lame players for the last 2 seasons. Enough is enough already. Either they have to change, or guys need to go.

If the Mets want to learn from someone who plays hard every single night, Jerry Manuel should show them a video of the game to watch Albert Pujols. Not only is he a masher, but every pitch he's ready to make a play. Diving for balls, picking throws out of the dirt. On the last play of the game he was flat on his stomach, strethcing for a ball thrown to him to save it. That's how you play the game.

I wonder how Bobby Valentine would handle this bunch. If Manuel doesn't address this meek club immediately, we just might find out sooner than later on what Bobby V would do.

By the way, hell of a signing that Ollie Perez. What a joke, just like this team.

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dave said...

Man is Oliver Perez worth every penny or what? Wait, he didn't sign with the Cardinals?

By the way, I think everyone played wiffle ball with a kid who slid into every base. So annoying, but could have used him yesterday.

Also, I'm fairly confident I can play left field better than Daniel Murphy.