Monday, April 20, 2009

Adios Figueroa

Poor Nelson Figueroa has been designated for assignment. I feel bad for the guy. It's not like he's a fantastic pitcher, but he's pitched well for the Mets over the last two seasons.

So after Sunday's game, potentially a game Figueroa would have won if the Mets could hit with runners on base, he gets sent packing in favor of Triple A prospect Casey Fossum. That's gotta hurt.

I don't know anything about Fossum, but it looks as if he'll be on the roster tomorrow when the Mets visit St. Louis and may take a start for Mike Pelfrey if he misses another week.

I honestly hope Figueroa finds a spot on another ballclub. Just not in the NL because with the Mets luck he'd throw a no-hitter against them.

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bryan said...

hey, at least we still have tim redding for $2.5M a year. come on, that signing was a stroke of brillance once again.