Sunday, April 26, 2009

Remember When We Were Going to Get Derek Lowe?

I remember getting into arguments back in January with fellow Mets fans who were telling me the price for Derek Lowe was too high. He's too old and not worth the money. I was told we could get the same kind of pitcher in Oliver Perez for less money and a younger arm.

If by same kind of pitcher they meant a guy with an ERA over 8 and an inability to beat the worst teams in baseball, than they were correct.

Oliver Perez is making Omar Minaya look like a fool for signing him for the millions upon millions that he did this offseason. Perez looks lost. He has absolutely no control and his fastball is topping out at an intimidating 88 mph.

Makes you long for the days of Rick Peterson.

Now you have a head case who you signed for huge dollars and can't get past the 5th inning to save his life. What's a GM to do? Thankfully, Perez is starting against the Phillies this coming week. If history has shown us anything it's that Perez pitches his best against tougher opponents.

A good outing against the Phils might be just what Perez needs to get his confidence back and hopefully right his sinking ship. If Perez lays another bomb, than the Mets are in a world of hurt because I don't think they can bench a guy they're baying over $10 million a year for.

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