Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mad World of Oliver Perez

I predict that Oliver Perez won't get a single win against the Reds, Pirates, Nationals and Padres this season. It's pretty much a guarantee. Nothing like spending a ton of money on a pitcher who can't beat the worst teams in baseball.

But we all knew this is what we were getting when the Mets signed Oliver Perez to a lucrative deal this offseason. There was the hope, way back in the recesses of our mind, that Perez had matured as a person and a pitcher, and that we might see some changes this year.

That's not the case.

The same old Oliver Perez showed up to pitch yesterday and gave up 8 runs over the course of his start. The Mets scored 6 runs to make the game interesting, but the damage was done.

Call me old school, but I'm of the mindset that if you score 6 runs in a game, you should probably win. The positive spin from yesterday's game is that the Mets keep on hitting. Outside of Castro & Cora, everyone in the starting lineup had at least one hit.

Reyes, however, did strikeout 3 times, but still was on base twice.

It's off to Florida to go see Hanley Ramirez and the Marlins. Who knows what John Maine has in store for us?

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