Friday, April 24, 2009

Things to Hate About the Young 2009 Season

It's not even May, but I'm already annoyed, agitated, and other adjectives that express distaste for this Mets team. Time to open the flood gates:
  1. Hate the lack of fundamentals
  2. Hate the baserunning - where are the stolen bases?
  3. Hate that the best hitter on the team so far doesn't play every other day because Sheffield needs at bats
  4. Hate the drama over Citi Field being an ode to the Dodgers. It's beautiful! Quit complaining.
  5. Hate that just when you think the Mets as an organization are turning the corner something like Doc Gooden signing a wall reminds you just how much they don't get it.
  6. Hate the pre game show
  7. Hate the fact that the second best Mets pitcher on any given day at Citi Field works in the SNY broadcast booth
  8. Hate the lack of clutchness
  9. Hate that Jerry Manuel is screwing around with the lineup already. Uh Jerry, it's pitching that's the problem
  10. Hate that we have the best reliever in the game, but he can't pitch in these games because the starting rotation is so awful
  11. Hate that Daniel Murphy is reminding me of Todd Hundley out there
  12. Hate the Marlins
  13. Hate that we paid so much money for Oliver Perez
  14. Hate that it's April and I'm already discounting this team's chances - they aren't giving me much choice!
  15. Hate the economy - sorry, that just slipped
  16. Hate that Livan Hernandez gives me more hope than Mike Pelfrey
  17. Hate that Tim Redding is the pitcher I'm looking to for some hope
  18. Hate losing games when you score 8 runs
  19. Hate the inaugural season patch - Domino's anyone?
  20. Hate the Drake
  21. Hate the fact that Mike Francesa can now legitamitely rail on the Mets for 5 hours a day with just cause
A lot of anger. A series with the Nationals should help....hopefully.

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