Monday, April 13, 2009

Mets Have Worst Pre Game Show Ever

Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of pre-game show's to begin with so I may be coming into this with a tainted view. Even so, I think the Mets have the worst pre-game show I have ever seen.
SNY decided to mix things up this year by having Chris Carlin and Bobby Ojeda replace Matt Yallof and Lee Mazilli in the pre-game show lineup.

It's not like Mazilli and Yallof we're Emmy winning hosts, but they look like Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams compared to the current two hosts.

Carlin gives you a headache within the first two minutes of listening to him. He makes Terry Bradshaw sound like Barry White. He's a great personality for a show like Loudmouths, but he's not an "anchor" for a pre-game show. 

Ojeda, who's not your notable A-list Met that you'd expect SNY to recruit as a face for their Mets programming, is as animated as wallpaper paste. Tell me what is he known for? He's got zero personality, and the most memorable thing he did as a Met was slice open his hand while trimming his bushes at home that put him on the DL for half a year. And can someone tell me if he's wearing a piece or does hair naturally go all two-tone on you after wearing a hat for all those years?

I'd almost rather have Darryl Strawberry on there with his butchering of the English language because hey, it's Darryl! 

There's got to be a better pair available than those two clowns. 

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victoria said...

okay one: he does not have a hair piece two: you shouldnt really be saying he doesnt have personality because you dont even know him and three: darryl strawberry would not be good at all for the show. hope you understand