Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Johan Santana Disease

It's not just a disease. It's an epidemic.

When Johan Santana steps on the mound the Mets lineup is crippled by his mere presence. They are in such awe of the circle change that their own bats turn to rubber. Santana's fastball is so filthy that their gloves spontaneously grow holes in them and every fundamental fielding principle they ever learned flies right out the window.

That is the power of the Johan Santana disease and it plagues the Mets every time he steps on the mound.

Santana was masterful. He struck out 13 batters while only walking one, and the 2 runs scored against him were both unearned thanks the Mets fantastic play in the field.

In typical Mets fashion, they waited to the very last minute to make things interesting by scoring a run in the top of the ninth and getting the tying run on base. But it was not meant to be as Josh Johnson won the day in the end pitching the first complete game of the MLB season.

If I'm Johan Santana, I'm not talking to any of the Mets players for at least a week. It's not like this is the first time something like this has happened. It seems to happen every time he pitches. If Santana gets 2 runs of offensive support that's a lot.

The days Santana pitches should be almost automatic wins for the Mets, and today should have been one of those days. The disease continues.

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bryan said...

i know it's early but these games still annoy me. go in and win a series against this team. not too much to ask. instead they just continue to get their faces beat in by not only the braves and phillies, but now the marlins also.