Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive as a Mets Fan

Last night's game was a great pitching performance all around, but it's hard to get excited about Mets baseball after last week's let down and a serious lack of wins since the All Star break. However, I'm trying to look at the glass half full and find a few things to stay positive about at least for today:
  • Mike Pelfrey looked fantastic on the mound...his pitching was good too.
  • The Mets haven't lost a game in two consecutive days.
  • All winning streaks start with 1 win.
  • The Rockies are a team that's worse with runners in scoring position than the Mets.
  • Pray Rod has pitched consecutive 1-2-3 9th innings his last two starts and pigs are flying over NYC.
  • Jeff Francoeur is unbelievably consistent...he swings at every first pitch.
  • The Phillies got spanked.
  • Yesterday's starting lineup consisted of 8 players who came up in the Mets farm system.
  • The Mets are finally starting to man up and sit players who can't perform regardless of contract size.
 The last point is my favorite. It's about time the Mets starting putting the play on the field as the preeminent indicator of who deserves to be marched out there every day. If that means the kids play, so be it. It's signings like Castillo, Perez and Cora that have put us in a bind the last two seasons with injuries and inconsistencies.

I welcome the chance for the kids from the farm to see what they can do. This year is done for the New York Mets so let's start planning the right way for the future.

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