Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ruben Tejada Knotches His First Save

Johan Santana pitched most of the game in masterful fashion. Jeff Francoeur was the lone player to drive in a run. Pray Rod amazingly pitched for 5 outs without giving up a run. But Ruben Tejada is the one who saved the game for the Mets.

The recently called up babyface second baseman went 0 for 4 on the night. In fact, he'll probably hit a shade over the Mendoza line for the rest of the season, but he proved what a liability the Mets had at second base with Castillo and Cora.

Tejada made three separate plays tonight that drastically affected the outcome of the game. All three of these of the plays would have been impossible for Castillo or Cora to make because of their lack of quickness. But Tejada has the agility, the speed and the youthful ignorance to be able to make some amazing plays in the field.

Tejada was able to save the Mets from back to back crushing defeats not with the bat, but with his glove, or more specifically his young legs. So long Alex Cora. You're a great character guy, but character doesn't get you W's. Castillo, you're on notice.

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