Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mets Are A Tease

Just when you think the Mets are on the right track, they slip back into the mediocre club you know they are. During today's broadcast even Gary Cohen got caught up in the Mets tease of a win streak stating that they might find themselves back in the Wild Card race next week.

Wishful thinking Mr. Cohen.

The Mets had an unbelievable opportunity this week to make baseball interesting again, but instead they split the series against the Astros and failed to sweep the Pirates behind another complete game by Johan Santana. And so the Mets find themselves in no better place than where they were a week ago.

Treading water seems to be the plight of this team. They can't seem to go anywhere.

So the Mets return home to face the Marlins and soon the rest of the NL East will have their way with them.

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