Saturday, August 14, 2010

Almost Perfect Dickey

Cole Hamels was the lone blemish against Comeback Player of the Year candidate, RA Dickey, last night. It just figures that a pitcher would get a hit to blow the Mets chance at their first no hitter in team history. 

Dickey commented after the game that he could have blamed Jeff Francoeur for not throwing Hamels out at first, but decided to push through and finish the game. Not only has Dickey proven to be a tremendous asset on the mound, but his comments after the game are made for the New York media.

Dickey followed Santana's lead and came out with the goal of finishing the game and leaving no room for any bullpen drama. I don't think I can imagine how horrible this season would be without Dickey. It's bad enough the way the Mets have played over the last month, but with another question mark in the rotation we would have derailed back in May. Dickey should have 10+ wins by now and is pitching well enough to be considered the #2 starter in the rotation.

For the first time since June, the Mets finally won back to back games. Of course we have Pat Misch on the mound today against Roy Halladay so enjoy the feeling while it lasts.