Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Write Off KRod Yet

KRod did a horrible and down right despicable thing last week when he got into an altercation in the family clubhouse area after the Mets game with the Rockies. It's inexcusable and he should be punished for it by the Mets and the law if that is what the system ultimately decides. But I'd still consider him to be on my team next year.

The Mets are using this opportunity to try and save face with the fan base.They're posturing to get rid of KRod, but not for the moral standards by which the orgnaization wants you to believe they posses. They want to get rid of him to save money. The almighty dollar.

Let's not fool ourselves. The Mets are a business and they have every right, and are obligated, to find ways to be profitable. But exiling KRod isn't smart business.

Here's why. Would you want Kobe Bryant to be on your basketball? Hmm, yup. What about Ray Lewis? Do you want him on your defense? Even though he's not as spry as he used to be I'd absolutely want him on the Giants. These are guys who arguable have done worse things than KRod (allegedly in Lewis' case) and were publicly vilified for it. But yet here they are both on the same teams that contracted them before their public troubles unfolded. Why? Because sports fans forgive when a player can perform.

KRod had been at the top of his game since coming to the Mets before the altercation last week. The Mets have zero options for future closers. Takahashi might be ok for the rest of this season but I can't see him being a long term solution. Parnell? 102 mph fastball is stunning, but ne needs to do show his stuff for more than one game before being crowned the successor. So if the Mets are looking to save money by voiding KRod's contract due to moral clauses, they're still going to have to go out and spend money to replace him next season.

Sure they might get someone for less money, but they'll also be most likely getting someone with less talent which may in turn result in fewer saves, more Mets losses, and more outcries from the fan base. It's a vicious cycle. Also the KRod contract is not even close to being the worst contract money-wise that the Mets have on the books (see Bay, Castillo, Beltran, or Perez).

Banishing Krod gets the Mets 15 minutes of reprieve from the media. They'll be applauded for "doing the right thing." But in another year, they'll be in hot water for not having an 8th inning or a 9th inning arm in the bullpen.

Whether it's right or wrong, sports figures are able to be forgiven for their misdoings. KRod needs to pay for his misdeeds. He definitely needs some psychological help and counselling. He should get it. He should pay his dues. And come spring of 2011, we'll be ready to welcome him long as he performs well.

Just ask Ron Artest, Big Ben, and Santonio Holmes.

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