Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pelfrey's Epic Fail

Mike Pelfrey is unraveling before our very eyes. During Wednesday night's matchup with the Braves, Pelfrey came undone and every Mets Lifer knew it was over. You could just tell that once Pelfrey got into trouble and some ridiculous errors forced him into a tough spot that Pelfrey would not man-up and grind out a gritty inning like Dickey, but rather come unglued and bring his team along with him.

There's plenty of blame to go around. Mets didn't get hits with runners in scoring position. Ridiculous errors extended innings when they should have been over. But I'm sorry. Pelfrey is the goat of this one. In what was potentially his biggest start of the season and coming off a gutsy comeback win yesterday, Pelfrey crumbled under the pressure.

He's become almost as unreliable as Oliver Perez. What? Pelfrey has 10 wins you say? Yes, he does but since he got win #10, Pelfrey has reverted back to the timid, unstable and inconsistent pitcher that he was last year. How on earth does Jon Niese, a rookie pitcher, have more poise and control than Pelfrey?

The Mets lost two out of three from the Braves. Their play throughout the three games was lacking the intensity and focus that you would have hoped from a team with their season on the line. But the saddest thing was the paltry performances you received from your supposed top two pitchers in Santana and Pelfrey allowing the Braves to score runs early and dig holes your team would struggle to get out of.

Meanwhile, perennial journeyman R.A. Dickey, without his best stuff, manages to fight through 7 innings and put the Mets in position to try and win.

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