Monday, August 16, 2010

Already Looking Forward to 2011 Mets

The hope of success in 2010 is gone. You can watch the Mets games if you enjoy pain and disappointment, but I'm already thinking about 2011.

For some reason, I think 2011 has the potential to be interesting. Sure, that's what every Mets fan says about the next season, but for once the cards might fall in the Mets favor. The Mets have some truly awful contracts on the books next year, but even with those abysmal deals there's a silver lining.

First off it's a contract year for Beltran & KRod. Beltran will be playing for his last major payday and nothing is a motivator like the almighty dollar. Having an awful comeback in 2010, I believe Beltran will have a big year as he woos the Mets and other teams into giving him a few more dollars and years to add to his quiver. KRod has been lights out of late. In 2011 he'll put his personal issues to rest and like Beltran be on a quest for another big time paycheck.

Secondly, it's Jason Bay's second year. In 2005, Carlos Beltran was awful. He did nothing for most of the year after coming from small markets in Kansas City and Houston the year before. In 2006, Beltran broke out in a major way and we got to see the player we hoped we'd have. I honestly believe the same will come true for Jason Bay. Playing in New York is a major adjustment. Concussion aside, Bay will be ready in 2011. He's a guy that works hard and plays hard, and his sophomore season should be a significant improvement.

Lastly, the kids are going to grow up. Jon Niese is turning into a really solid middle of the rotation pitcher. Ike Davis will have been through his rookie slumps and be ready to start the season as the everyday first baseman. Tejada will play winter ball and develop his swing. Who knows what Kirk Nieuwenhuis will do if given the chance to perform?

All of this and I haven't mentioned Johan Santana, David Wright or Jose Reyes. Sure there are negatives like what's the deal with Mike Pelfrey, what do you do with Oliver Perez/John Maine, and how do you solve a problem like Luis Castillo? But for now there's hope. It's something to look forward to.

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