Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Mets Will Drive You Mad, Just Ask K-Rod

The Mets will drive you absolutely insane. To call Wednesday night's loss devastating sadly sounds so repititve that you might as well just call it another Wednesday in Flushing. While I mildly resort to tossing remotes and pillows, the Mets have made KRod so frustrated that he's throwing his father-in-law around.

After Tuesday night's loss (yawn), KRod was asked by reporters how he felt about not getting called into the game in the tense 8th inning when the Mets were desperately trying to hold onto the lead. Silly reporters. Don't they know the outcome would probably have been the same if the Mets brought in KRod? Some people never learn.

In any case, KRod erupted, unlike the Mets bats, and went on a tirade basically telling the reporters to get out of his way. I had hoped he was hunting for Jerry Manuel's head, but instead the decent guy that KRod is took his frustrations out on his in-laws. But before we jump to conclusions, maybe his father-in-law deserved it? Doesn't make it right, but hey...

Oh KRod. It was only a matter of time before the losing, disappointment, sadness, apathy and vile circus that has become the New York Mets finally sent someone over the edge. Let this be a lesson to family members of Mets Lifers out there. Stay away after a bad basically come see us in October when it's all over.

It's amazing how in the span of an hour the Mets can go from a potentially great win and opportunity to sweep a series to utter implosion that ultimately results in physical blows. That's the effect of Mets baseball.

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