Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is 500 Baseball

The Mets have had every opportunity to jump back into this race, and at every turn they choose to slam the door shut. The Mets should have swept the Houston Astros this week giving them a much needed boost of confidence and setting them on the right track as they head into another winnable series in Pittsburgh.

Instead, the Mets leave Houston splitting the series because of their inability to get any type of run support. The starting pitching has been unbelievable although recently the long ball has been the Achilles heel for Santana, Dickey and now Misch.

We were fooled earlier this year into believing this was a pennant worthy team. We soon forgot about the depression that hit us during the winter and how bad we expected this year to be. Well, it turns out we're soon to forget, but the Mets are here to remind us. They are a .500 ball club. Nothing better.

This team needs some serious retooling in almost every facet of its makeup. Coaching, pitching, hitting, bench. All of it needs work. While the Mets just sent the hype machine that is Fernando Martinez back down to the minors, they should turn his bus around and send him right back.

Put this season in the books. Treat it like spring training. Let's see what the kids can do so we can be prepared for next season and not question whether someone will be able to contribute or not.

It's hard to admit it because you want to have a reason to watch baseball, but this is a mediocre team without an identity and a lack of consistent talent. In other words, it's .500 baseball.

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