Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Run Games Are Mets Kryptonite

The Mets are 14-22 in one run games this year. That's 36 games decided by a single run. Sunday was no exception. The Mets battled back against arguably the best pitcher in the National League in Roy Halladay but leave Philly with nothing to show for it.

When the Phils knocked out Dickey with a 6-2 lead I could have sworn that was it. Halladay would cruise to victory. But like the Mets often do, they teased you enough to keep you interested only to ultimately come up short in the end.

The Mets record in one run games is a microcosm of their season and the last few years. They can't seem to get that one big hit when they need it. And in the 7th inning when Beltran came up with runners on 1st and 2nd I was actually hoping they'd pinch hit for him because Beltran looks as bad as Castillo at the plate.

Another road series loss. Another series loss to the NL East. Another disappointing weekend of Mets baseball.

Welcome back to the feelings of 2009. Until the Mets can find players that are able to have some semblance of clutchness, we're going to see a lot more of these 1 run losses.

On a side note, big kudos to the bullpen who were in total lockdown for a change, but yet again one massively bad inning from a starting pitcher ruins what should have been a good baseball game.