Thursday, June 16, 2011

With Gee Wonders Never Cease

Dillon Gee is making a case for his appearance at the All Star Game, but even more importantly he's propelling this team to victory every time he takes the mound.

Gee made an earlier exit than he would have liked due to the extensive rain delay, but every time he takes the mound the Mets seem to rise to the occasion. Wednesday night was no different. The Mets did a couple of things they hadn't done in years. First they homered against the Braves thanks to Angel Pagan's 2-run shot. Second they actually won a series in Atlanta which hasn't been done since 2007.

Amazingly the Mets sit at .500. Sweeping the Braves would be close to unbelievable, but even if they lose on Thursday the Mets have proved themselves on this road trip with a makeshift lineup and solid pitching.

Things could start to get interesting.

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