Friday, June 10, 2011

Are the Mets Better than We Think?

At 2 games under .500 the Mets aren't exactly taking the NL East by storm, but this past week they have shown me that they just might be better than you think. 

They are currently showing that they are full of overachievers. With a depleted lineup due to injuries, the Mets infield is made up of 3 second basemen and Reyes. Turner, Tejada anf Murphy are all hitting better than expected while Pagan has come back from the DL looking strong.

The Blowpen has forced the Mets to lose 9 games where they were winning heading into the 7th. Add that with the fact that the Mets don't have Wright or Davis and Bay has been abysmal and you have tobe shocked that they are even close to .500.

If the Mets can get healthy and solve these bullpen problems there is a chance we can be watching a relatively competitive tean this summer. The other NL teams continue to leave the door open. The Mets just need to walk through it. This road trip could be a major turning point if their play in Milwaukee carries into their trips to Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

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