Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Mets Be Buyers or Sellers? Find Out After the 4th

Jeff Wilpon has declared that if the Mets are in contention, he will be a buyer at the trading deadline to help improve the team's chances of winning. Mr. Wilpon's statements are about a week and a half too early of being meaningful. Sure it's nice that he said that and I guess we're suppose to feel warm and fuzzy about Jeff vs. the crotchety dear old dad, but whether the Mets will be buyers or sellers will become evident after 4th of July week.

This series with Oakland that starts tonight is a big one because the games that follow are anything but a cake walk.After the A's, the Mets have a 6 game road trip to Texas & Detroit, then come home to face the Yankees for 3, and are off on a West Coast road swing for 7 games before the All Star break.

The fatal West Coast trip for the Mets last year came after the All Star break and officially slammed the door on the Mets season. This year we may have the door closed before the home run derby. The Mets do have a better record on the road than at home this year, but the teams that lie ahead are no slouches. You've got playoff contenders at every turn except for maybe the Dodgers.

Oh and after the All Star break, the first place Phillies and Cardinals come to town.

Sure Jeff Wilpon might be talking big now, but he knows that his words will soon be forgotten if the Mets slide into oblivion during the next two weeks. Without a sweep of the A's this week, I believe the Mets will find themselves due south of .500 for the better part of the time leading up to the All Star Break.


Anonymous said...

The next couple of weeks will be very telling. If the team right now can be .500 at the all star break, getting Ike and Wright back will be like acquiring 2 big bats.

dave said...

I'm with you. I think being at .500 at the All Star Break would be a dream come true with the schedule they have coming up. I expect them to be floating around 3-4 under .500 if I'm being realistic though.