Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Loss is on Terry Collins

The Mets winning ways ended Saturday night with a 3-2 loss to the Pirates. They left a ridiculous number of men on base, but I blame this game on Terry Collins.

Why on earth do you put Daniel Murphy at 3rd base? He is the worst fielder on the team and ended up being the reason the Pirates scored 3 runs. Did Lucas Duda really need to play? Why bench Justin Turner when he is ypur top RBI guy? Doesn't make any sense!

Not only that with the bases loaded and down a run with only one out Collins sends Dickey up and let's him swing away. Of course the gimpy Dickey grounded into a double play and that would be the last opportunity the Mets had to blow this game open. With Reyes on deck why is Dickey swinging? Take 3 strikes and sit down. Dickey cannot run as it is so why bother?

I am still scratching my head on that one. Hopefully the end of a winning streak does not useher in a losing streak as has been the Mets way this year. Tommorrow will let us see.

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NJMetFan said...

I agree that this game was Collin's fault. Also, why did he let Dickey pitch 8 innings? After he allowed his 3rd earned run, Collins should've taken him out.