Friday, June 17, 2011

Mets Have to Break the Cycle

Win 5. Lose 4. Win 2. Lose 3. And so the story goes for the 2011 Mets. What was excitement and hope about a surging team has turned into questions and doubt in less than 48 hours.

The Mets find themselves back to under .500 and with a reputation for not winning at home. This team needs to go 5-1 on this home stand in the worst way. Here's why.

They're already 2 games under .500. Another loss puts them in an almost impossible hole to get out of in the next two week as we can't expect road series wins to be a regular occurrence and then the Yanks come into Citi Field over the 4th of July. The next 5 games are against teams that aren't that great. They are winnable and would put the Mets at 3 games over .500.

A win streak like that would allow the team to buck the "can't get over .500" conversation that comes up every day. Plus it gives them some buffer as they head out on the road for interleague play before coming back home to some tougher competition.

If they don't win these next 5 games and only manage 3 wins, the Mets will be in the exact same place they were before this amazing 10 game road trip. They will be under .500 and facing an uphill battle.

The shame of this loss was the opportunities late with Reyes & Turner on base and no one out. Two bunts would have scored the tying run, but three consecutive strikeouts is just unforgivable.

Things have been going right for the Mets and the pessimist in me is waiting for the tide to shift the other way. I know the Mets can't win every game but we need a solid win streak to set the tone for the rest of this season if this team is to compete.

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Anonymous said...

After this homestand, the Mets have an extremely difficult schedule before the All Star Break, putting an even bigger emphasis on the next 5 games. The Mets will go to Texas, Detroit, return home for the Yankees, and then go to LA and San Fran before the all star break.