Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Surprising Road Series Win

22 runs later, the Mets were able to steal the back to games of the three game series with the Rangers to win an unlikely road series. Sure it took the Mets closed to 40 hits to score that many runs, but it is impressive to score 20+ runs without a single home run.

The Rangers on the other hand were shellacking Mets pitching, pounding the ball all over the ballpark but fortunately the Mets defense was in mid season form and able to keep the opponents at bay.

Gee looked awful on Sunday and was lucky to make it out of the first inning with only two earned runs. Even Niese was struggling yesterday, but for once the Mets bats were able to overcome the shortcomings of the starting pitching.

And so the Mets are back to .500. A familiar place for this team and I'll be curious to see if the hot bats in Texas suddenly cool as the team heads north to Detroit or if this hot streak can miraculously continue.

A day off tomorrow and Tuesday will be the moment we'll find out.

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