Monday, June 13, 2011

Which Starter Gets Bumped If Santana Returns?

An interesting question posed by our friends over at Mets360. It's been amazing how well this makeshift rotation has done over the past few weeks after getting off to a slow start. While Santana's return isn't definite, there's a feeling that we may see him before the summer is over.

So that begs the question, who stays and who goes if the rotation stays consistent? I think it's pretty simple. Dickey goes to the bullpen.

The plantar fascitis alone is reason enough to move Dickey. Capuano is proving he's back from his injuries and competing at a high level. Until Dillon Gee loses more than 2 games, I don't think you could question moving him even if he gives up 8 runs in his next start.

Niese isn't going anywhere. So that leaves Pelfrey. Oh Pelf. Our #1 starter in Santana's absence hasn't been lights out. He's still inconsistent, but has done better of late. You can't move Pelf to the bullpen. You can't send him anywhere so he's going to stay.

That leaves Dickey unless Gee implodes over the next few months. A knuckleball out of the bullpen could be an interesting matchup problem and his rubber arm should allow him to make that move without much issue.

It's still early to be counting the days until Johan Santana returns and who knows what he'll pitch like when he does. But until then Mets fans can only hope this rotation continues to overachieve.

Check out the opinion from Mets360 that sparked this debate at the link below:
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