Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lady Luck is Shining on Mets

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and the Mets appear to have luck on their side. You want to argue about the talent the Mets possess? Fine, but I want to ride this lucky streak for as long as we can.

Think about it. The Mets have scored 40+ runs over the last week on only 3 home runs which all came yesterday. The Mets are without their #1 starter, Santana, and their #2 starter, Pelfrey, isn't exactly striking fear in the hearts of men. A guy by the name of Dillon Gee is potentially an All Star. Jose Reyes is having arguably the best year of any New York baseball history.

The powerless Jason Bay is the man to break the 2 year grand slam drought. Injuries have abounded yet again, but minor league call ups like Tejada, Turner & Duda are contributing more than seasoned veterans Harris & Hairston. Ronnie Paulino has the second best average on the team. KRod is the best closer in the NL. And after starting 5-13, the Mets are miraculously over .500.

If you can't see some sort of good fortune in this, you're as blind as the home plate umpire in Sunday's game against the Rangers. I hope this wave continues well into the weekend series and beyond.

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