Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to do with Josh Thole?

Amidst all the Mets problems of late, one glaring hole has gotten a pass because of all the other drama. That major flaw is Josh Thole is horrible.

Thole is currently batting .207 with an OBP of .280. He has no home runs and only 4 extra base hits. On top of that, he's not that good behind the plate. His caught stealing percentage is only 19%. When Piazza was a liability behind the plate at least he was giving you some home runs and RBIs to make up for it. But Thole just can't seem to get anything going.

The most baffling part is that Terry Collins still insists on putting him in the #2 spot in the order against righties. Why??? I love the talk about how Thole is a contact hitter who can set the table for the middle of the order. Who are they watching? Thole is 3 strikeouts away from eclipsing his strikeout total for all of last season.

The problem is there aren't many other options. Ronnie Paulino is decent, but he's not tearing up the league by any stretch. I couldn't name you a catching prospect in the minor leagues. If only Nick Evans, could catch...

So for now Mets fans have to deal with Josh Thole's demise at the plate and his inexperience behind it. This would be easier to deal with if a healthy Ike Davis and David Wright were in the lineup along with circa 2009 Jason Bay.

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