Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mets Are a Mess

Financial issues aside, the 2011 Mets are well on their way to trumping the debacle of 2010 and 2009 in stellar fashion. From injuries to idiocy, the Mets can't seem to get anything to go their way.

Look at what has happened and it's only May 10th:

  • Chris Young looks to be surprise ace of the staff only to need season ending surgery.
  • Top pitching prospect, Jenrry Mejia, starts season in minors with hopes of mid-season call up only to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Murphy and lose an entire season to injury.
  • Sign nemesis, Willie Harris, to bolster bench but find he should stay firmly seated on the pines due to lack of ability to hit the ball and ineptitude on the base paths.
  • Angel Pagan is named heir apparent to Carlos Beltran in center field but starts the season buried in a slump. Then gets injured to have questions of toughness reemerge. 
  • Jason Bay can't start the season, but comes back and reminds Mets fans why we didn't miss him much last year.
  • Bobby Parnell returns from great finish last year but can't seem to get anyone out. Heads to only place where Mets pitchers thrive: the disabled list.
  • Scott Hairston is signed to provide pinch hitting help. Instead we're pinching ourselves every time he steps to the plate in the hopes that we'll wake up from his nightmare of a swing.
  • Comeback player, RA Dickey, returns only to make Mets fans wonder if last season's performance was merely just a dream. His knuckleball looks like a junior high fastball.
  • The best and most consistent players are Jose Reyes & Carlos Beltran. The two players the Mets will refuse to have return next year.
All that and I didn't even mention a year without Johan Santana, Hu's horrendousness, Pelfrey's problems and Wright's strikeout epidemic.

This team will have some win streaks, but are they enough to counter balance the depths of despair this team plummets to on a weekly basis. A .500 ball club in July has a chance for the Wild Card, but I question whether we'll ever see .500 in 2011.

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