Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is Dickey Becoming Oliver Perez?

The Mets are becoming the team of the one year wonder starting pitcher. One great year does not a solid starter make. At least it doesn't in Flushing.

RA Dickey is reminding me more and more of what Oliver Perez was for this team. Think about it. Both pitchers had a great season which made you believe the following years would also bring success. Both have problems with control in the early innings. Both have lost movement on their main pitch. Both are notable head cases.

No one has been more disappointing in this short season than RA Dickey. I would say he needs to be sent down to the minors, but honestly who is going to pitch while he's out? Chin Lun Hu?

But if Dickey can't regain his mojo, he's not doing us any favors by staying in the rotation as he look completely useless out there.

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NJMetFan said...

Dickey is not doing any worse than Mike Pelfrey this year. Their both horrible, but you can't compare anyone to Ollie. You should check out my Mets blog by searching "Njmetfan".