Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things Will Only Get Worse for the Mets

If you think times are tough now for Mets fans, just wait until summer gets into full swing. Sure the Mets are painful to watch of late as they seem to find ways to tease you into thinking they have a chance to win only to slam the door on your hopes innings later, but this is only just the beginning.

Sandy Alderson has fixed his mind on a massive rebuilding project. Something that Mets fans haven't experience for a long, long time. There will be a huge amount of turnover as the trade deadline nears and pretty soon we won't even recognize the product on the field.

Reyes trade rumors have already started. We know Beltran will exit soon after. David Wright is now circulating as a bargaining chip and I'm pretty sure Alderson would be chomping at the bit at anyone interested in Jason Bay (not that there are any).

For better or worse, it appears the face of the Mets will be changing. We can't say for sure what faces will be left, but you can bank on the fact that this team will not be playing any type of meaningful baseball as soon as July.

Are Mets fans prepared for a Pirates-like lineup or even an Oakland A's product at Citi Field? It's something foreign, but it just might be needed to right this sinking ship.

We can only hope that the turnaround is not a long and difficult road, but something tells me it will be. Am I being overly dramatic? Sure. Is this more fantasy than reality? Unfortunately, no.

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