Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Trade Jose Reyes Day at Citi Field

This is a great groundswell movement started by uber-Mets fan, Donna Bauer (no relation to Jack). Friday, June 3rd is the unofficial Don't Trade Jose Reyes Day at Citi Field.

In a recent blast email, Donna encouraged Mets fans attending the June 3rd game to:
Weare a Jose Reyes jersey or T-shirt and bring a sign that reads "DON'T TRADE JOSE REYES."

Love this concept and would truly enjoy seeing that game's broadcast show nothing but Don't Trade Reyes signs showing up in the stands.

To join this movement, you can visit the Don't Trade Jose Reyes page on Facebook by clicking here. And to get this awesome Don't Trade Reyes t-shirt pictured above, visit The 7 Line t-shirt store.

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NJMetFan said...

I agree that Jose Reyes should stay, and I even think that the Mets should resign him this off-season. I hope Fred and Jeff Wilpon attend the Mets game on June 3rd. You should check out my blog by googling "Njmetfan".