Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Kids Are Alright

The Mets are truly on a roller coaster ride this year. Losing streaks followed by winning streaks followed by injuries followed by surprise performances from unknown players.

While guys like Dickey haven't been able to repeat their success story from last year, guys like Justing Tuner, Jason Pridie and Pedro Beato are filling the void. The current direction of the 2011 Mets is eerily similar to last year. If you'll recall, the Mets were relevant up until the All Star Game, when everything just fell apart.

The reason for their relevance was the fact that the starting pitching was great, except for Oliver Perez, and role players we're playing above their expectation. That's what we're getting from Turner & Pridie in the absence of Davis and Pagan.

Honestly, who would you rather have up with 2 on and 2 out when the Mets are down a run? Turner or Bay? Ok, that was easy. How about Turner or Reyes? I'd still go with Turner.

Daniel Murphy has been playing decent baseball. Pridie, who has struggled of late, hasn't made us yearn for the return of Angel Pagan. And the Paulino/Thole platoon hasn't caused Mets fans to call out for an upgrade at the backstop.

But the key to all of this is the pitching. Niese looked mature out there last night. Dillon Gee has done everything you could have hoped for. Beato has been masterful in the bullpen.

The kids are doing alright. And this is all without having Santana in the rotation, Ike Davis in the lineup, a healthy Wright at third base or even a Jason Bay that hits .240.

How long can this last? I don't know. But it's a fun ride so far. Winning 8 out of your last 12 will do that.

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